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At Haven we know every baby and every parenting journey is unique. Something one family finds easy, another might find more challenging - and that’s completely okay. What we do have in common is that we all want to give our babies the very best possible start in life.

Haven believes a little extra care can go a long way in those important early stages. Our mission is to provide not only a high quality New Zealand-made A2 protein Cow’s milk formula range and Goat’s milk formula range that is gentle on little tummies, but also to be a sanctuary for parents and caregivers to come together to have honest conversations about parenting.

Our belief is that no one knows your child like you do, so you and you alone are best placed to make decisions about their livelihood. Haven aims to provide an open platform where parents can explore choices and information to find your own formula for raising your child.


Crafted with care

Understandably mothers and caregivers are becoming ever more discerning and careful about their product choices, especially when it comes to feeding their baby. It is important to Haven that we’re able to provide clear transparency and traceability around our product, so you can feel assured about what is going into such a critical nutritional product for your little one.

In our cow’s milk range, Haven uses only high quality NZ A2 protein milk from free range, grass-fed cows sourced at select South Island farms. Located at the foothills of the untouched Southern Alps, these West Coast farms boast one of the most natural environments for its animals, with fertile soils from the unique climate, and clean air that is far away from urban development. Our A2 protein milk is full of homegrown goodness you can trust.

In our goat’s milk range, Haven uses naturally wholesome A2 whole goat’s milk, sourced from select farms in Waikato. We also use a proprietary blend of natural oils including – cold pressed flax seed oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

By scanning the trust codes found on every can, you’ll be able to find out more about your Haven product and where it has come from.


A2 Protein Explained

A2 protein cow’s milk, comes from cows that have A2/A2 DNA and which produce milk with only the A2 beta-casein protein type and not A1. The origins of A2 protein producing dairy cows, dates back to the very beginnings of dairy farming.

While New Zealand milk is famous globally for being produced by grass-fed farming systems, with sustainable practices and stringent quality controls, our supplier farms also follow strict product safety measures and rigorous testing standards to ensure A2 protein milk purity. Only a select few New Zealand farms meet this high standard of compliance.

Goat’s milk is naturally A2 protein milk and is a gentle alternative to cow’s milk. Containing natural A2 proteins, goat’s milk can be a wholesome alternative for little ones who are sensitive to cow’s milk. Haven goat’s milk is sourced from select farms in the North Island of New Zealand.

This makes A2 a unique milk product as it is derived from a limited source by way of select New Zealand farms who have specialised in this type of production.

A2 protein milk is produced by cows that have A2/A2 DNA and produce milk with only the A2 beta-casein protein type and not A1.


Meet the Milker

Haven partners with some of the leading producers in the industry to ensure we can stand by the high quality of our product with confidence. This includes tracing our milk to the select farms and farmers who take great pride in the care of their land, animals and the purity of their milk.

We’re pleased to introduce you to some of our farming families.


Shaun & Helene

Shaun runs a 235 hectare farm in Canterbury, New Zealand with his wife Helene, and his three sons, Ollie, Finn and Sam. Shaun is passionate about growing high quality grass to ensure he produces the highest standard of milk... After all, happy cows means happy milk!

Sheffield, New Zealand
Herd: 840

John, Sue, Rhys & Jaimee

Farming is very much a family affair for John and Sue, who together with their son Rhys, daughter-in-law Jaimee and new granddaughter Ellie, run their herd on 450 hectares of land. Looking after their animals is extremely important to Rhys, as is farming in a sustainable way “so the farm is still here in 100 years’ time for the next generations”.

West Coast, New Zealand

Farm Locator

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