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Haven’s scientifically researched ingredients are tailored for each age to ensure your baby is getting the right nutrition at precisely the right time.

Haven A2 Protein Infant Formula contains a nutritionally complete diet for infants from birth to 6 months; Haven A2 Protein Follow-On Formula has been created to complement baby’s first foods ages 6-12 months; and Haven A2 Protein Toddler Milk Drink will keep those tums feeling full and content from 12 months onwards.

Containing no added preservatives, antibiotics, refined sugar or GMO ingredients, you can rest assured each can of Haven is full of natural goodness and key ingredients, including prebiotics, to support your little one's growth and development.

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Why you'll love Haven

We have taken extra care to bring your family a range of products with the right balance of gentle nutritional support for every stage.

Designed & developed in NZ

Gentle on little tummies

100% NZ A2 protein milk from grass-fed cows

No added preservatives & GMO free


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Our Stage 3 Haven A2 Protein Toddler Milk Drink is available to sample. If you would like to see if Haven is right for you and your baby, request a complimentary sample by providing your details.

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We are proud to be stocked nationwide at Coles.

Our Products